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Gmail Now Giving People the Opportunity to Regret Not Hitting “Undo Button”

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Gmail has formally added an “undo send” option to their web based platform, thus giving users the opportunity to regret not hitting the “undo” button.

The new feature will allow Gmail users up to 30 seconds to decide not to send an email. This ensures all but the millions of people who hit “reply all” but don’t realize it until 31 seconds after they have sent the email will be even more depressed than they would have been if an “undo” button didn’t exist.

Gmail user Josh Lens was not particularly enthused with the news, stating “If I send a rage filled email to my boss, it’s gonna take a lot longer than 30 seconds for me to come to my senses.”

The “undo” email feature is just one of a slate of “undo” options gmail is planning to unveil. Currently in production are features to help in your romantic life, including ‘undo drunk text,’ ‘undo one night stand,’ and ‘undo telling your significant other what’s actually bothering you.’ There are also more general undo features in the pipeline like ‘undo eating that third hot dog,’ ‘undo going to see your friend’s band,’ and ‘undo getting a liberal arts degree.’