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Google Asks Local Man, ‘Did You Mean: Used Flashlight?’

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used flashlight

(Photo by Farce)

In a desperate plea to show results for something a man with less time on his hands might want, Google asked Jeff Smythe of Orange County, California if he meant to search “used flashlight.”

“To be fair,” claimed Smythe, “I was only using one hand to type, so maybe there was a typo or two. It’s why I searched…what I searched.” Thus confirming that, no, Smythe was not looking for a used flashlight.

But why used?

“My friends call me peepee obsessed – that’s short for penny pinching – because I love saving a buck or two. Trust me, if I can rub out a good deal, I will.”

Google, reluctantly, finally showed Smythe what he was looking for, and Smythe was surprised at the results. “What deals! Some of these say they’re not cleaned, but that’s just details. Nothing a little elbow lube won’t fix.”