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Google Games Of Death

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“Don’t be evil”? More like “Don’t Die!”

As Google embarks on a plan of “aggressive” corporate restructuring, they are making the engineers and programmers of their less successful projects in recent years engage in a series of competitions with serious HR consequences.

the exterior of Google headquarters on January 30, 2014 in Mountain View, California

(Photo by Justin Sullivan/Getty Images)

Click here to see the epic trials of strength and will that are….THE GOOGLE GAMES OF DEATH.

Google Deathly


The former Google Lively team will be forced to immerse themselves into the chat room world and answer a series of questions. If they get them wrong, not just their Avatars will be deleted.


me + alex quit google. (dodgeball forever!!!!)The team behind the primitive, location-based social app will be fitted with explosive vests and told to go to specific GPS coordinates. Last one there goes boom.