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Google Releases Stunning Underwear Streetview

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man on google street underwear

(Photo by shutterstock / google maps)

Mark your calendars, because today is an extraordinary day for science and voyeurism. Google has released their latest technology, Underwear Street View, a comprehensive map of every road in the world at street level. To you, that may sound just like regular street view, so what makes this different? Every pedestrian you see on the street will be in their underwear. Though it may seem like something you may read about in the back of an old 1950’s comic book, these x-ray cameras are quite real.

Google has created “peepers” technology to pass through one to three layers of clothing to reveal a person’s delicates. In charge of the new technology, Ken Litzfatrick, described Underwear Street View as the most important technology for perverts since binoculars. “We just saw this as a way to expedite the fantasy process. Instead of men and women dreaming of what might be under a person’s clothing, it’s right there for you. And, unlike regular street view, most people spend several hours roaming the streets looking for the perfect pedestrian in underwear.”