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Google Self Driving Car Gets DUI

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Fails sobriety test.


Google car driving

Credit: Justin Sullivan/Getty Images

The hopes that cars with an automatic pilot might be just around the corner were sidelined last week. Google’s Self Driving Car team was celebrating some technological breakthroughs and decided on a Friday afternoon to hit a local bar for happy hour.

“He had a few shots, and was nursing a beer for about an hour. When he wanted to drive home, we all said don’t take a chance, get an Uber,” a fellow employee said.

Apparently the Google Self Driving car was just pulling into Taco Bell when it was pulled over for having a headlight out. When the officer approached the self driving car, it was smoking a cigarette. When the car refused to put the cigarette out, the officer pulled the computer out and threw it to the ground.

“We aren’t thrilled about the incident, but we believe when all the facts become available, the Google Self Driving Car will be cleared of any wrong doing,” a spokesman for Google released in a statement.

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