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Gym Members Say Vin Diesel Runs Loud and Smells Odd

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Vin Diesel

“Diesel refuses to spot ‘weak babies’ at gym,” claims Brock Campbell (Photo by Getty / Tim P. Whitby)

“I’m a fan of Diesel, but getting used to that smell is tough,” said an anonymous member of X-plosions, the L.A. gym where Vin Diesel works out.

According to the 47-year-old Diesel, he’s working on a “full-body transformation” for his upcoming film where he’ll play a tough, super-muscular villain rather than his traditional role of tough, super-muscular hero.

Most feel a body transformation is the actor’s best shot at any sort of award nominations other than “best vaguely ethnic B-list hunk.”

Another member of Diesel’s gym, Brock Campbell, added, “There’s no reason for him to be so loud on the treadmill. Diesel makes the craziest sounds when he runs. It’s like a VW Golf being revved underwater – so weird. You’re not going to list my name right?”