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Hero Eats Hard-Boiled Egg Even Though Yolk Was A Little Green and Weird

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And a lot of the white stuff peeled with the shell, too.


guy eating gross egg on a fork

Credit: sevendeman/iStock; Natikka/iStock

Holding back tears, local hero Brett Anderson, recounted the traumatic breakfast he survived yesterday when he ate a hardboiled egg, even though the yolk was a little green and weird.

“I told her, ‘don’t worry about it, I’ll make the hard boiled egg myself,’ but she wouldn’t listen.” Anderson, who is very particular about his yolks, recalls. He was meeting his girlfriend’s mother, Ann Worthy, for the first time. The trio — Anderson, girlfriend and mother — were set to go on a hike before Worthy offered to make a quick, simple breakfast of hardboiled eggs.

“I sliced the egg in half and the yolk was gross, chalky, and yellow, and even had green on the edges,” Anderson described before gagging and taking a moment to compose himself, “but I did it for love. I care so much about my girlfriend that I ate her mom’s gross eggs and have only complained about it for 20 straight hours.”

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