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High School Gym Teacher Seen With Pants for First Time

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Rumors spread quick as Mr. Benjamin Tabode, the Landford High School gym teacher, was seen in public- the mall nonetheless- with pants. Known to his students as Mr. B, the 42 year old has taught at the high school for the last 15 years, and in that time, has always worn shorts. “I once saw him carrying a pair of sweatpants,” recalled Francis Boccio, a graduating senior. “Turns out he was just holding them for a student that was running the mile.”

So when two freshmen and a sophomore (who swears he wasn’t hanging out with the freshmen, but just also in the same area as them) saw Mr. B buying a tin tub of popcorn at Popcorn Papa in a dark pair of denim, all hell broke loose. Students were in a frenzy all weekend, wondering if the teacher best known for his love of toe-touching and jumping jacks, had been let go, allowing him to finally don a pair of jeans.

“If it were a pair of snap-off basketball pants, I wouldn’t have worried at all,” claimed Boccio, “but denim! Mr. B is no cowboy.”

The student body’s breath let a long sigh of relief when first period gym students watched Mr. B enter the gym from the boy’s locker room with an old pair of Umbro soccer shorts, looking slightly heavier from consuming an entire tub of popcorn over the weekend.