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Hillary Clinton Berates Obama

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Hilllary Clinton Berates Obama

(Photo by Getty / Michael Loccisano)

As Hillary’s campaign for the White House heats up, tensions are rising behind the closed doors of the Clinton home.

Unconfirmed reports surfaced this week that Hillary was overheard screaming at Obama, the Clinton family cat.

An unnamed source with knowledge of the situation claims the cat has been “a bit barf-y” lately, and one of his eruptions was stepped in. Bare-foot.

“High-stress situations can absolutely affect pets,” said one D.C. vet. “And unless you’re Grumpy Cat, Lil Bub, Theodore Sputnik, General Cottonbottom, Lee Harvey Pawswald, or any of the other couple dozen famous Internet cats, your pet probably won’t have trained staff on hand to pick up on small mood shifts.”

Clinton’s political advisors were worried about a possible PETA backlash, but found that even the staunchest animal activists yell at cats from time to time.