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Hillary Clinton Goes Unnoticed Returning Dead Cat to PetSmart

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Hillary Clinton returns dead cat

(Photo by Michael B. Thomas/AFP/Getty Images/Flickr/Ryan)

Hillary Clinton is one sneaky woman. Just last week she cruised through a Chipotle line completely unnoticed. Only when a reporter was tipped off, hours later, did anyone realize the old woman wearing sunglasses indoors, surrounded by six giant bodyguards happened to be someone important.

It seems to have happened again, this time at a PetSmart in Newark, Delaware, where the former First Lady tried to return a dead cat.

“I had no idea it was her, and we argued for a long time,” claimed 16-year-old shift manager Aiden Bishop. “She wanted store credit for this cat that we didn’t even sell her. It looked like a bus had run it over.”

As for the rest of the employees? “They’re all high on fish flakes, I don’t even think they know who I am,” said Bishop. “No one really comes in here anyway, I mean, it’s a PetSmart. I guess we were more surprised just to have a customer.”