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Hillary Clinton’s Emails Might Prove the Illuminati is Real

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And is Osama still alive?

(Photo by Getty / Kevork Djansezian)

Photo by Getty/Kevork Djansezian

Seized files from the Secretary of State’s private email account may prove the existence of the Illuminati. An FBI agent who spoke to the Farce Report on the condition of anonymity named Edward Stevens remarked that Clinton’s email contained some “crazy sh*t, man.”

One email, sent from Warren Buffet’s email address read:

“Great orgy Hil! Really cool to see you Ringo, Tina [Turner], and Paul Giamatti. We’ll have to do it again sometime!”

Pictures of note were discovered in the Clinton email trove as well. A particularly interesting photograph appears to include Osama Bin Laden and Fidel Castro playing a game of beach volleyball against Condoleeza Rice and Gene Simmons years after both men were presumed to be dead.

In addition to the Illuminati pictures, records obtained by the Farce Report indicate Secretary Clinton sent a number of emails to [email protected] with subject lines like “Hey can you guys chill?” and “Seriously you’re making me look bad.” Unfortunately, this attempt at diplomacy proved ineffective as that particular email address belongs to the Idaho Skiing Invitational Society, and not the notorious terrorist group.

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