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Hot Debate Guy Now Number 2 in GOP Polls

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Hunk can’t be stopped.


debate hot guy on TV

Source: Twitter @Cosmopolitian

Dreamboat with chiseled jawline could make nation’s problems disappear with one hunky smile

The gorgeous man with striking eyes and beautiful hair seated behind the CNN moderators during the GOP debate yesterday is now second in the Republican Presidential polls.

It seems the nameless man with a jaw line cut from granite and full pouty lips that would feel incredible lightly kissing the back of your neck made quite an impression with conservative voters.

Longtime republican Gina Edwards of Youngstown, Ohio told reporters that “by not saying anything at all, he came off as more intelligent than every other GOP candidate. Also I just wanna rip his shirt off and rub my fingers through the ridges of his washboard abs.”

hot guy number 2 in GOP poll

Credit: Frederic J Brown/Getty; Justin Sullivan/Getty Images; Sandy Huffaker/Getty Images/ Twitter @twitersgoodboy

Despite all his newfound support, the smoldering, luscious Adonis who’d make you melt-like-butter-if-he-hugged-you-from-behind-and-whispered sweet-nothings-in your-ear is reportedly not considering officially running for president because he has too much respect for the current GOP front runner, a cardboard cutout of Ronald Reagan.

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