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Hot Girl Is Hilarious According to Man That Wants to Bang Her

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Tracey Bennet, the hottest girl employed at the Office Max in Danbury, Connecticut, is hilarious according to all the men that want to bang her.

Troy, the electronics manager at the store, told reporters, “She’s so funny. Dude she’a like, I don’t know man, she just says things and I’m like ‘that’s hilarious!’”

Eric, a cook at the pizza place next door, shared similar sentiments, saying, “Tracey has me just cracking up man. It’s just like the way she says stuff has me on the floor.”

While Frank in the stockroom added, “She quoted this one joke, from Borat. She was like ‘my wife’ but she did the voice perfectly.”

On a recent visit to the Officemax location, all the male employees of the store could be seen listening intently to Tracey as she told a long, drawn out story about trying to find a parking spot. They all laughed hysterically after she concluded her story with the phrase “so yea, I don’t know, I guess my point is parking can be tough.”

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