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How to Be a Tourist in New York City

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Planning a vacation in NYC?

(Photo by shutterstock)

(Photo by shutterstock)

Summer is a great time to vacation in New York City. Actually, winter, too. In fact, any time is a good time to see the sights in America’s largest metropolis. If you want to see the Big Apple the right way, it’s good to learn a few of the best tips for tourists.

These tourists tips are essential to having a good time in the city. By following these simple steps, you can take your vacation from “sub-par” to “absolutely-the-best seizure-inducing-ecstasy-like-trip-of-you-life!”

Are you ready? Put your pants on! Go on, I’ll wait. Yes, zip the fly and button them.

Okay, let’s go!

1. Get Your Camera.

First and foremost, New York is a city FILLED with amazing sights, so make sure to have that camera out and in your hands at all times. You’ll never know when an opportunity to take a dumb photo you’ll never look at again will arise. And don’t get discouraged thinking that the photo you’re taking of Times Square was probably shot millions of times already (it has, hundreds of times a day. The. Same. Stupid. Photo.) Go on with your unoriginal self. You’ll want to save that image forever, or at least bore a friend with it before you accidentally delete it.

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Remember, every moment is an opportunity to take a picture that has no relevance to where you are. Don’t waste it!

2. Enjoy the view.

You’re going to feel a little overwhelmed with the hustle and bustle of New York City streets. There are people everywhere on their way to jobs, meetings, interviews, and more. Even so, don’t forget to just stop, right in the middle of the sidewalk if you have to, and enjoy those mammoth skyscrapers. Don’t even think about stepping aside and out of commuters’ way, you’re here to ENJOY the city so do it. Let them walk around you, they really don’t mind!

tourist in new york making new yorker mad in times square

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Best place to see the city? In the middle of a crosswalk!

3. Everyone loves a tour!

Hopefully, if you’re visiting New York you have some friends or family that can be your tour guide. Make sure you ask them to come with you to the most atrocious tourist attractions. A 3 hour ferry ride around the city? Perfect! A walking tour of all the famous spots where Sex in the City scenes happened? They’ll love it!

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OMG it’s Carrie’s apartment!

4. Let the city know!

While you have your resident New Yorker friend or family’s attention, make sure to let them know all of the things you hate about New York and what you’d do differently if you lived there. Make sure to let them know how things are done where you’re from. Don’t let them off the hook, either. Make sure you hold them completely responsible for everything wrong with New York City.

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Garbage in the street? They should put it in the alley way!

5. Don’t forget about home.

There are a lot of great places to visit, shop, and eat at in New York City. But remember, there are also places you can easily go to in your hometown that you can visit here, too! You MUST check out the Times Square H&M, it’s just like all other H&Ms so you’ll absolutely love it. Oh, and if you love Olive Garden, then you’ll love Olive Garden. So check that out, too!

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Wow! Fine Italian dining…just how New Yorkers like it!

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