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How to Tell You’re with a Fair Weather Fan

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Credit: The Farce Report

“Is one of your friends a fair weather fan? Did they just start watching the baseball World Series this week? Did they buy a hat and jersey yesterday? Are they calling the New York Mets by an unfamiliar nickname and getting the names of the players all wrong? That sounds like a fair weather fan to me. Honestly though, sometimes you just don’t know. That’s why we’re here. We’re going to tell you, sports fan, if your friend is a fair weather fan or not.

It’s not so easy to tell sometimes. They put on a jersey, start cheering, and , hey, you need someone to high five. But the trouble is, the moment these fair weather fans see any sign of their team losing, they dip. It’s like a bad relationship that no one wins at. You can’t have your heart broken, and neither can your favorite team.

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