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How To Use A Female Condom (7 Pics)

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So you wanna learn how to put on a female condom? Of course you do because, hey, who likes male condoms? They hurt and are not balloons. And here’s the thing. Guys, we like balloons. So when you have to look at something that looks like a balloon but isn’t a balloon, it’s like “what’s the deal?”

Gimme some high fives for that, am I right?

female condoms


So here’s how to use a female condom the right way. Don’t want to mess this up!

So, to start.

female condoms

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First off, they’re super easy to understand. It’s not like a woman’s body is way more complicated than a man’s.

Just follow this guide…

female condoms


Obviously, you need, uhm I guess a rag and a pen? Maybe the pen is for taking notes. I don’t know. Again, it’s probably super easy to get this accomplished, so maybe just throw the pen in the garbage. The rag is probably for the clean up, heh.