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Hubble Telescope Turns 25 and Still a Virgin

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(Photo by NASA/Getty Images/shutterstock)

SPACE – As birthdays go, the Hubble Telescope’s 25th was a huge drag. Not only did no one show up, but the Hubb’s 24-year sexual drought hit the quarter century mark.

“We’re worried about him,” said Chester Lindt, a lead member of the NASA team responsible for the massive orbiting satellite. “He’s really building it up at this point, and that can make things worse for someone trying to get over the hump – or to the hump, I guess.”

Since the Hubble entered orbit in 1990 there have been 16 other satellites thrown into the mix up there. Some felt that the DIRECTV satellite would be a great fit for the Hubble. It’s a sleek, young satellite with all the HD channels a guy could want, but the chemistry wasn’t there and the two passed right by each other.

For objects in space, running into a satellite can cause devastating destruction. But for the Hubble, it might be worth it.