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I Bet I Got Two Showers Left Before My Roommate Realizes I’m Using Her Shampoo

Aug 3, 2015 at 6:32 pm |

“No one keeps track of shampoo anyway, right? Right?”

(Photo by shutterstock)

(Photo by shutterstock)

While I rinsed Herbal Essence’s Morrocan Rose and Passion Fruit Shampoo out of my balding scalp, I estimated I had two, maybe three, showers left before my roommate, Maria, realized I’ve been using her shampoo.

I’ve been using a bar of Maria’s Dove Soap in addition to her shampoo for three weeks. I swear I never planned for it to go on this long, but I’m pretty sure she hasn’t caught on to my sustained theft of her toiletries.

The way I see it, as long as I’m not the last one to use it, I’m golden. I mean, seriously who keeps track of how much shampoo is in their bottle? You don’t, do you?

Just to be safe, I plan to avoid eye contact with Maria until I buy a new bottle of Old Spice body wash that I can use to clean both my hair and body.

Anyway, I can smell that she’s making stir fry tonight, which means she’s using my olive oil. What a jerk, right?

I’ve been meaning to get new shampoo for three weeks now, but her shampoo smells so much better.

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