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“I Don’t Know How Tampons Work and I Refuse to Learn”

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Women seem to be getting a lot more rights these days. The girl from Harry Potter seems to be talking about “feminism” all the time and, recently, women were even allowed to serve in combat roles in the Army. But some men are refusing to learn about women’s bodies. In a recent essay published in the GOP Times, Republican blow-hard Mike Misogomy wrote why he refuses to learn about women’s bodies. Because the essay was only in print, we typed out the worst quotes for you to read.


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Here’s why Mike refuses to learn about tampons.


“They’re gross”

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“Tampon. Yuck. Just saying the word makes me uncomfortable. It’s fine if women wanna complain about some of the bad stuff that happens to them, but I’m not learning about periods. I know there’s blood involved and, frankly, I feel like that’s already too much knowledge.”

“Where does it even go?”

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“That looks like that would make sense, but I refuse to understand. The woman’s nether regions should be like a labyrinth that no man can solve.”