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In A New Breakthrough, Scientists Discover Trix Aren’t Just For Kids

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(Photo by flickr / theimpulsivebuy)

(Photo by flickr / theimpulsivebuy)

Researchers at Stanford University released a report this week that revealed some alarming information. The beloved cereal by General Mills, Trix, is in fact not just for kids.

The study was conducted over a twenty year period where children were served Trix from the age 3 until they reached adulthood. What they found was that the majority of children were happy to eat Trix even as they entered their teenage years and further. The researchers also served Trix to rats, birds, dogs, and even rabbits and found no aversion to the cereal.

Throughout the entirety of the study only one child refused to eat the cereal claiming a “gluten allergy.” After being force fed the cereal for two days straight, the researchers did discover some people should not eat Trix and disposed of the body quietly.

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