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In Response to Melissa McCarthy, Trump Launches Own Fashion Line, “No Fat Chicks”

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“Fatties back to Mexico!”

(Photo by Getty / Win McNamee / Gerardo Mora)

Photo by Getty/Win McNamee / Gerardo Mora

Not everyone is responding to Melissa McCarthy’s new, body positive line of clothing with praise. Though many have supported McCarthy for her stance against labeling clothes “Plus Size,” Republican Presidential frontrunner Donald Trump is outraged by the idea. In fact, he is launching his own clothing line, “No Fat Chicks,” in an effort to “help keep the self esteem of disgusting slobs low, where it belongs.”

Trump initially toyed with the idea of launching his own brand of clothing for plus sized women, entitled “Gross Blobs.” The sizes for that line would range from “get a gastric bypass or kill yourself ” at the larger end to “okay, I’ll let you give me head in the back of my Bentley but you can’t tell anyone” for the smallest, plus sized consumers. He ultimately decided against it, feeling like he could do more damage to the psyche of fat women by making “luxurious, classy clothes they won’t be able to fit into unless they put down the cheeseburgers.”

At press time, Trump was rewarding his wife with half of a hershey kiss for running 5 miles.

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