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Iran Tweets Uncircumcised D*ck Pic to Israel

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@Israel you up?


Iran leader holding phone with man's body on it

Credit: Behrouz Mehri/AFP/Getty Images; Justin

Earlier this week Iranian leader, Ayatollah Khamenei tweeted that Israel will not be around within 25 years. A large threat seeing Iran and America are currently working on a deal that would stop Iran from building nuclear missiles that would be intended to destroy Israel. Even worst, just today, Khamenei tweeted a picture at Israel of his uncircumcised willy.

It took most of Israel hours to even understand what they were looking at, never having seen what looked like a sausage with too much skin. Finally, a middle-aged woman pointed out what it was. “You just pull the skin back and it’s there,” she confessed and then was stoned to death.

“This is a great insult to our country,” said Benjamin Netanyahu, prime minister of Israel. “I was watching a movie with my girlfriend on Netflix and trying to chill and this popped up on my computer. Can you believe the questions I had to answer after that? Needless to say, we did NOT chill.”

Israel spent hours thinking of a bomb-ass reply and decided finally on, “must be cold in Tehran…” which resulted in several countries retweeting with the hashtag #burn.

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