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Is Bansky Slipping? Here’s 10 of Bansky’s Worst Work

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The man with the spray can has been dropping knowledge via aerosol paint for years with his thought-provoking work gracing walls all over the world. Lately, however, the mysterious artist’s creative output and work has been off.

From unknown messages to off-putting images, we can’t tell if Banksy is running out of idea, or just plain bored with his medium. We collected the 10 worst Banksy pieces as of late for you to see. Is this it for the infamous artist?

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View the slideshow to decide for yourself if we are witnessing the fall of Banksy!

1. Toy Story 2

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He’s not wrong — we just expect a little more polish from such a celebrated artist.

2. Bowel Art Movement?

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Bansky went deep on this one. Maybe too deep. Is this a raw glimpse of the infantile mind of men or a commentary on the unfair hygiene standards faced by the modern woman?