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Is R2-D2 a Racist Robot?

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(Photo by Lucasfilm Ltd./Twentieth Century Fox Film Corp./Photofest)

The lovable Star Wars droid and member of the Robot Hall of Fame has found himself in hot water, and this time it’s not in the swamps of Degoba.

A small, vocal group is demanding that R2-D2 be fired and removed from the films for his racist actions.

They feel the little robot remains obsessed with stopping Darth Vader, who is black, from reaching success.

“We will not stop until that bionic bigot is out of work,” said one member of the group who wished to remain nameless.

Studio executives looked into the matter and concluded that the fictional character that speaks only in beeps isn’t capable of prejudice. “America has a long way to go before we can claim to provide equality for all races, but R2 isn’t the problem. He’s just a beeping robot,” said one studio representative.