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Japan Introduced New Desks that Make Employees More Efficient, is America Next?

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Japan has introduced new desk seats for its office workers that claim to boost the efficiency of companies by over 10%.

man on desk toilet

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Their secret? Pooping desks.

“These new toilet desks are helping increase the workflow of employees by 20 minutes or so.” said creator of the new chairs, Xing Ming, “But if you add that up, with each employee saving 20 minutes, you’re practically adding a whole extra workday to the week!”

The pooping desk works by adding a toilet design to the seat. While there is no plumbing connected to the seat, the toilet is designed to hold enough excrement for an average person to use it three times. After which, a small container needs to be removed and the waste flushed down a regular toilet. Ming is already trying to figure out how to make that process even faster. “Having to toss a bucket of your own droppings wastes precious minutes per day. If we can somehow remove that process, imagine the work someone could get done!

So far, Ming has not thought of the solution, but has considered possibly bigger buckets, animals that enjoy eating poop, and finding a way to stop people from eating. “If there was no poop, this wouldn’t be a problem!”

Japan has installed over 1 million pooping desks throughout the country. Is America next?

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