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Jared Fogle Not Excited about Jailhouse Footlongs

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Wishes he could do time at juvenile facility.

(Photo by shutterstock)

Photo by shutterstock

Jared Fogel is headed to prison after recently pleading guilty to charges of having sex with minors and possession of child pornography and the former Subway spokesman is reportedly not excited about the jailhouse footlongs he will encounter.

A clearly distraught Fogel told reporters today that he was “really hoping the whole prison rape thing is a myth.”

The police officer detaining Fogel then said “Yeah it is,” before continuing “except for child molesters, you guys get raped big time.”

When reached for comment, Fogel’s cellmate mentioned that he contracted food poisoning from a Subway Seafood Delight and intended to make Jared pay personally.

Fogel did try to stay somewhat positive during his arrest, saying he was looking forward to the prison food. “It’ll be nice to eat something with a little flavor in it for a change.”

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