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Jeb Bush Wants to Triple Work Hours For The Unemployed

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(Photo by Steve Pope/Getty Images)

(Photo by Steve Pope/Getty Images)

Republican Presidential hopeful Jeb Bush’s plan to jump-start the economy includes tripling the hours of unemployed Americans work. The GOP candidate outlined his plan as follows, “too many people are sitting at home and collecting welfare checks. Under my plan, all unemployed Americans would be forced to work three times as much as they are currently working.”

When pressed by reporters as to what that would actually solve, Mr. Bush responded “just triple them.” When a separate reporter asked if Mr. Bush understood how multiplication worked, Bush again responded “triple them,” before going on to say “between you and me, I think it’s ridiculous that I’m running for president too, but my dad’s making me so just lay off me a little.”

Bush, who was born rich and with political connections, had other helpful advice for the poor including “just ask your uncle for a job,” and “if you ever get arrested remind the police officer that your father could have him fired very easily.”

He finished the press conference by saying “more jobs, Obama is bad, capitalism is good, Ronald Reagan. Triple them!”

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