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JFK Airport Gets Luxury Pet Terminal, LaGuardia Might Get Plumbing

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LaGuardia Airport excited to relinquish itself of ‘the hole’ outhouse system.

(Photo by Twitter / NBCNightlyNews)

(Photo by Twitter / NBCNightlyNews)

John F. Kennedy Airport announced its new terminal the ARK which will be exclusively for pets coming through the airport. The $48 million terminal will feature areas for dogs, cats, horses, and even cattle. While JFK is one of the first in the country to receive a high luxury pet terminal, New York’s other airport LaGuardia is just happy to, maybe, get plumbing.

LaGuardia Airport, who Vice President of Joe Biden once proudly compared to a third world country, is excited about the prospect of allowing their travelers to use a real, flushing toilet. “We’re really aiming to get to third world country with toilets by the end of the decade. We’re thinking working toilets and TSA employees that aren’t rats in costumes will help,” said executive director of the Port Authority Patrick Foye.

The new plumbing will be possible by collaborating with JFK Airport. In exchange for money to install plumbing JFK’s pet terminal will use “lost” luggage from LaGuardia as padding for horse’s beds.