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Jim Jordan Interrupts Daughter 22 Times When Asked, “How is School, Honey?”

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Because he’s a jerk outside the office, too!


Jim jordan at the dinner table

Credit: Youtube @Rep. Jim Jordan (OH-04); Shutterstock

Jim Jordan, the Republican congressman who interrupted Planned Parenthood’s president Cecile Richards 19 times during hearing for the House Committee on Oversight and Government, has confirmed that he’s not only an a**hole
in congress, but a jerk most of the time. This was proven during the weekend when he interrupted his own daughter 22 times after asking her the question, “how is school, honey?”

Jessie, an 21-year-old senior at LSU was home for the weekend, enjoying time with her family and relaxing when her father came home from an easy day at the office. Jim hugged his daughter and asked the controversial question, “How is school, honey?”

Jessie positively responded, “School is good. I’m really enjoying-”

“Okay, hold on, because you told me over the phone last week that school was ‘great’ and now you’re saying it’s ‘good’. Which is it?” asked Jim.

“It’s great, yeah. I’m really loving-”

“Okay, yes, but you just said it was good.” said Jim.

“Yeah, I mean it is good—”

“Okay, now I’m not sure what to think, how could you say it’s good and great at the same time?”

This argument continued through dinner and into the next morning, never fully being resolved.

Polly Jordan, his wife admitted it’s always been like this for a long time. “During our wedding I said I loved him more than anything, and then I made the mistake of telling him I absolutely love Jelly Bellies. Well, how could I love him more than anything when my absolute love was for Jelly Bellies. He really wouldn’t let it go. It ruined our honeymoon.”

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Watch Jim impersonate a male’s genitalia here:

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