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Jimmy Fallon’s Spot on Trump Impression Comments on Megyn Kelly

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(Photo by YouTube / The Tonight Show Staring Jimmy Fallon)

(Photo by YouTube / The Tonight Show Staring Jimmy Fallon)

This is hilarious. Jimmy Fallon’s Trump impression is getting better by the week. Last night, “Trump” held a press conference to discuss his comments about Megyn Kelly, who didn’t hold back during the GOP debate. The real Trump reportedly said Kelly had, “Blood coming out of her eyes and wherever.” The elsewhere, Trump says, was the nose, but most of the media took it much differently.

In this amazing sketch, Jimmy Fallon explains exactly what Trump was trying to say, along with other comments such as what he meant when he said his wife had great melons and how he and Gary Busey love to do it doggy style. The worst part is, we can actually hear Trump explaining most of his actions exactly like this. Thanks, Jimmy for the laughs! And please, Mr. Trump, keep saying ridiculous things, it’s keeps many comedians employed!

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