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Joe Biden Uses Comic Sans to Send President Memos

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(Photo by Chip Somodevilla/Getty Images)

Sources leaked several memos from Vice President Joe Biden to President Obama this week, and what they discovered was alarming. The Vice President sent all of his memos in the offensive and totally inappropriate Comic Sans typeface.

This isn’t the first time the Vice President has been caught behaving inappropriately. You may remember his awkward shoulder rubbing or the slew of facial expressions he made that looked better suited for a cartoon coyote.

Aside from the amount of memos (over 50 a day), what surprised us most was the choice of Comic Sans. While some defend the typeface – “some” being about 3 people in the whole world, and one apparently being the Vice President – most find it as abhorrent as beets.

When President Obama was reached for comment he replied, “Joe sends me memos?”

It was then discovered the Vice President had been stuffing the memos into a Playskool toy mailbox, which Malia Obama emptied every day during Biden’s nap time.