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John Cena Invites Child with Cancer Into Ring and Bodyslams Him

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John Cena bodyslams kid with cancer

(Photo by Ethan Miller/Getty Images)

During Monday night’s airing for RAW, after defeating Kevin Owens, John Cena pointed to a young boy who held a sign that read, “I’m Fighting Cancer.” With a single finger, he motioned for the boy to come up on the stage.

“Think you can fight cancer, kid?” He asked the boy.

With a giant smile, the boy answered, “Yes!”

And Cena responded, “Then why don’t you try fighting me?” At which point, John Cena picked up the small child and tossed him across the ring.

The boy, who went unconscious almost immediately, was then body-slammed by the wrestler. Cena, after leaning an elbow into the boy’s neck for several minutes, lifted him up, turned him upside down, and pile drove him into the mat.

Cena walked off disappointed at the boy and later commented, “If he can’t even put up a fight with me, how will he ever beat cancer?”