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John Oliver Wonders if Congress Can Stop Being Such a Tool and Make D.C. a State

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Should Washington D.C. become a state? John Oliver thinks so.

(Photo by YouTube / LastWeekTonight)

(Photo by YouTube / LastWeekTonight)

Did you know Washington D.C. is not a state? You didn’t? You’re an idiot. Oh you did know it’s not a state? Good for you, you brown-nosing-teacher’s-pet.

It’s a fun fact, but it’s all not fun and folly, my friend. Here’s the thing: D.C. has over half million residents without proper representation in Congress, even though Congress is just down the street.

Worse, Congress has final say over the budget and laws of the district, even though they have state representation. And we’re the only democracy in the world that has a capital city like this. Dalai Lama once called it “quite strange…quite strange.” Strange, indeed Lam Lam (that’s my nickname for him. Lam Lam and I are close). For more on this, check out John Oliver’s comedic breakdown of this situation.

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