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Josh Duggar Uses Ashley Madison to Cheat on Sisters

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“At least I wasn’t being all gay about it!”


(Photo by Twitter / CNNSitRoom / Ravishlydotcom)

(Photo by Twitter / CNNSitRoom / Ravishlydotcom)

Last month hackers stole information on thousands of users on the website Ashley Madison, a page designed for men and women to have affairs outside their marriage. The hackers warned that if the site wasn’t taken down, they would release the names of users and their information. That information has now been released and a surprising name was on there: Josh Duggar, star of the TLC show 19 Kids and Counting.

Duggar, who advocates for Christian values admitted to being registered on the site. “The thing is, I love my sisters, but I need more loving then a motionless body in a bed. I need someone who maybe will use their hands.” When asked why not his wife, Duggar squirmed, “That woman already popped four kids, sex is like throwing a hot dog into a dark, dusty cave. I need something younger, like my sisters.”

When reporters look away disgusted, Duggar retorted, “Oh come on! Who here hasn’t wanted to find a woman through an anonymous website that can role play as their own sister? Show me a raise of hands.” At which point, all reporters raised their hands.

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