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Kevin Bacon Asks Us to Free The Bacon in PSA

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“By Bacon, of course, I mean your wiener, your balls, your butt.”

(Photo by YouTube / The Watercooler)

(Photo by YouTube / The Watercooler)

Kevin Bacon released a Public Service Announcement this week to bring awareness to an extremely serious issue: male nudity. You see, in Hollywood, female nudity is rampant. While there’s nothing wrong with that, Bacon wants there the playing field to be a little more equal.

We couldn’t agree more! Think of what Harry Potter would be if everyone held onto flesh wands. Or, if Mission Impossible included Agent Naked. That’s just an agent that’s always naked, for secret mission purposes. Movies could be doubling their profits! But don’t take it from me, have our friend Kevin Bacon tell you all about it.

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