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Kevin James Film Added to List of Terrorist Organizations

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Kevin James

(Photo by Getty / Mike Coppola)

Boko Haram and Paul Blart: Mall Cop now have more in common than just being aggressively unfunny.

The two also share the dubious distinction of being the most recent additions to the UN’s list of terrorist organizations.

Although one caused anguish for hundreds of thousands due to brutal and cruel ideologies, Boko Haram is every bit as dangerous – if not more.

The radical group has been waging a violent brand of extremism across large swaths of Africa that has left many bodies in its wake. Some have gone as far as to call their leader, Al Baab Timmi “The Kevin James of Western Africa.”

Shortly after announcing the additions to the list, the UN received the news they had been fearing: Paul Blart 2: Fart Detective was not only in the works, but ahead of schedule thanks to its simplistic script and lack of any discernible acting.

World leaders met in Belfast to discuss the active threat the terrible film poses, but no agreement was reached.