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KFC Finally Finds a Way to Lose Last Iota of Respect

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(Photo by YouTube / KFC PH)

In America KFC, the company that gave you chicken in a bucket, also gave us the Famous Bowl, a mixed bowl of mashed potatoes, corn, and chicken topped with gravy and shredded cheese. In a press release KFC said they made the bowl because, “you idiots will eat anything.” In the Philippines, this is even more true as they company just presented the country with the Chizza: a piece of deep-fried chicken topped with pizza sauce, pepperoni, pineapple, peppers, and cheese. Thus confirming that KFC has no ounce of self-respect left.

“We thought to ourselves, how could we make our company the least respectable out of all companies?” said KFC publicist Randy Hauteving, “Unfortunately, Bill Cosby was unavailable to be our spokesperson, so we thought, why not throw just trash on our chicken?”

That’s how KFC came up with pizza chicken, which they’re calling Chizza, a name that would make even the most illiterate squirm.

“To top it off, we made sure to make a really awful commercial, butchering ‘I Will Survive’ by singing about chicken pizza in Filipino. It’s really the icing on the cake to make us just the worst.”

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