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Kids Using Ladders To Get High

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stoned kids on a ladder

This is your child on a ladder. (Photo by shutterstock)

An epidemic has swept across the greater Arlington, Virginia area as dozens of children have been found using ladders to get high. The children, some of whom are as young as 9 years old, are risking serious bodily harm by elevating themselves as high as 10 feet in the air.

“What if they fall?” asks Betty Kline, whose son Andy was recently caught using a step stool. “I mean today he was only two feet off the ground, but what about tomorrow? His dad’s a painter, we have very high ladders in our garage.”

Mrs. Kline’s concerns are not unfounded. In fact, leading health experts across the nation agree: falls from high places can and will hurt. If you are concerned that your children are using ladders to get high, seek professional help immediately. Some of the tale tell signs of ladder usage include, having retrieved something off of a very high shelf or having recently changed a lightbulb.

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