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Klan Leader Reveals He’s African American

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“Could’ve fooled me!”


black KKK member running bases

Photo by SIphotography / matt_coons21

Lionel Wills was the leader of South Ridge’s KKK branch until this past weekend, when his white hood slipped off and his entire organization saw the secret he’s been hiding. “I’m not white, that is true,” is the only response Lionel would give.

One anonymous member said, “I couldn’t believe it. He’s black, er, what do you call it now, African American? But I mean, he’s still cool to me. So it’s kind of making think about resigning myself or at least changing the way we think about things. It’s made for an interesting summer.”

It also brought a lot of clarity to some of the older members, who had seen the organization move into a different direction. “I mean, I thought we were supposed to be racist and hate a lot of people,” one elder member says. “But since Lionel took over, we’ve been doing a lot of charity work and helping out the community. We even chaperoned a dance at the Jewish Community Center last week. It ain’t like it used to be.”

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