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Kylie Jenner Admits to SEO Filler

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On the latest episode of Keeping Up with the Kardashians, Kylie Jenner admitted that she, among other celebrities, have had SEO filler. Justin Bieber, Taylor Swift, Beyonce, and even Kim Kardashian have been accused, but Kylie being the only one, so far, to come clean.

In a rather poised confession, Kylie came off looking almost likable: “It’s like, we only have so much time in this world, we should spend it at the top of Google’s search results, don’t you think?”

It made sense to SEO analysts and web developers after considering the 17 year old has done nothing to become famous. “The woman has literally done nothing, and yet, somehow, we are forced to see her in our Facebook feeds everyday of our lives,” claimed Louie Asker, an SEO analyst. “The thing is, I still don’t know who she is or, for that matter, care. I mean, why are we even talking about this? There’s serious news happening, President Obama is trying to sign a trade deal that…”

At this point, everyone, including this reporter, stopped listening to see Kylie Jenner’s latest Instagram photo of her new toe ring.