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Lady Gaga Has Got a Bun in the Oven

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Lady Gaga after her shower. (Photo by Getty Images / Kristin Murphy / Stringer)

You read that right: Lady Gaga is expecting! Gaga has told reporters that, at this moment, she’s got one sweet bun cooking in the oven.

As you might remember, Gaga recently got engaged to Taylor Kinney. A bun is a good reason why someone might pop the question, but not likely the case. In fact, Gaga didn’t start planning a move like this until after she slipped on the ring.

“She always said she wanted to pop out a few a couple years down the line, but no one expected this soon,” a close friend of Gaga reported. “I guess she was just ready.”

Ready, indeed! Gaga couldn’t be more excited to start a family. And, as everyone knows, the first step is to learn how to bake. Cakes, bread, pies, and especially buns, are all on the list of delicious treats Gaga is expecting to pull out the oven this summer.

As to what she’ll name her first bun in the oven? How about Delicious!