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Leaked Excerpts From Black Lives Matter Textbook Will Scare You

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(Photo by shutterstock / Getty / Scott Olson)

Photo by shutterstock / Getty / Scott Olson

The Farce Report has obtained an advanced copy of the Black Lives Matter textbook recently made to give a race-based history of America.

Listen I support the Black Lives Matter movement, even though I happen to be white. Like, really white. However, some of the ideas presented in the text could shake the foundation of our society, so I thought I’d respond.

Below, find a collection of some of the scariest ideas put forward by the book and my response:

Rioting is Justified When People are Killed:
The authors of the Black Lives Matter textbook are supporters of the protests that erupted in major cities following the deaths of unarmed black Americans at the hands of police. They go so far as to support rioting as an acceptable response to these events.

My response: Agree or disagree, they never acknowledge that during those riots the property of WHITE people was affected. Sure, it’s not a good thing for police to kill black people, but we can’t smash white people’s Hyundai Sonatas every time a black teen dies. That is a dangerous precedent to set.

That Police Might Share Some Fault in High Profile Incidents:
The BLM movement blames police brutality in part for the unrest our country is feeling and calls for an overhaul in training procedures.

My response: Come on, how could sending a 25-year-old, aggressive, white male with a heightened sense of self worth and a gun into black neighborhoods he doesn’t culturally understand end poorly? One thing that should not be tolerated is running our boys in blue through the mud. Police officers are perfect angels and should be free of criticism.

Black People Should not Face a Disadvantage in the Hiring Process:
This is another, radical, frightening idea the BLM movement wants to use to destroy the lives of innocent white people. They think all companies should hire fairly.

My response: That’s ridiculous. My son is very stupid. Were it up to him, he probably would not be able to get a good job. However, my cousin runs an investment firm where my son is employed. The idea of a fair system where a more qualified black candidate without our connections would get that job sends shivers down my spine.

Some of the other ideas the textbook explores that are problematic includes “slavery was bad” and “racism still exists.” Which yeah, that’s probably true.

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