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Lebron Says Movie Role Helped Him With Improved Looks Of Disbelief and Emotions

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2015 NBA Finals - Game Six

(Photo by Ezra Shaw/Getty Images)

Lebron James spent most of the summer acting in the movie “Trainwreck” opposite Amy Schumer. While it is billed a comedy flick, Lebron says he’s used those acting tools to channel other emotions. During the span of a game James will often laugh for no reason, or laugh because he’s done something wrong.

“I realized that I should not be laughing when I commit a foul. I should use my acting skills and pretend I didn’t do it,” James says. “Often when I get an obvious foul called on me, I will use my acting range and pretend I was just accused of murder. It helps me to reach a new dramatic level, never before seen in NBA basketball.”

As the Warriors won the championship on Game 6, Lebron was happy on being able to really spread his acting wings.