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Liberal Arts Professor Changes History Course to “Herstory”

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Professor Cynthia Ballendale of Vassar College is making an unusual change to her History course in the coming semester. Ballendale would like to change the name of her History course, which focuses on United States history between 1900 and 1950 to Herstory.

Ballendale has no plans to change the curriculum which is quite basic in terms of viewpoint. Most history courses present the course in a survey structure, such as the coming of the industrial revolution through the Great Depression and the two World Wars. However, Ballendale is tired of a male dominated world, especially in grammar.

“It’s not enough that men have to the forefront of past HERstorical events, but they also need to take herstory and put a male dominance to that as well? I’m sorry, but I’m just not going to stand for it anymore.” Ballendale said. She is supported by the feminist group, HuPerson, who focuses on taking the male out of both words and phrases.

“We were the first to call them police officers,” said head of HuPerson, Sandra Corkerny. “Herstory is on a more offensive front because we’re adding the female gender to the word. I know it’s kind of ruining the whole point of gender equality, but who cares?”

Vassar has yet to approve of the name change, mainly because all 15 other history classes would still be considered history classes. “We’re not sure if we really want to confuse our students more than they already are,” said Dean of Vassar, “I mean, they’re liberal arts students, they’re pretty dumb as it is.”

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