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Lion Killing Dentist Hopes to Be Tried in Florida

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(Photo by shutterstock)

(Photo by shutterstock)

Following extradition requests from the government of Zimbabwe for his killing of Cecil the Lion, Walter Palmer announced he hopes to be tried in Florida, where stand your ground laws are particularly friendly for the senseless killings of animals as well as unarmed black teenagers.

In an interview with Farce reporters, Palmer described the incident for the first time, saying “That lion was wearing a hoodie and it reached for my gun. I had no choice but to act in self defense.”

Legal expert Thomas Macmillan believes Mr. Palmer is very shrewd to request a trial in Florida because, in his words, “in most states you have to be a police officer to murder something that originated in Africa and get away with it, but legal precedent in Florida holds that you just have to be a lunatic with an inferiority complex and a gun.”

Aside from his potential legal troubles, Mr. Palmer also complained about the moral outrage he has faced, saying “Why is everyone so mad at me for killing one measly lion? What about all the lion on lion crime?”

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