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Local Creep Spending a Little Too Much Time on Halloween Decorations

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Parents in the Rockville neighborhood of suburban Montgomery County, Maryland reported that area creep Charles Daniel was spending a little too much time on his Halloween Decorations for their liking.

“Really don’t know what Charles is trying to accomplish with all this,” said Jim Mostle, a local father of two, while trying to restrain his excited four year old from running into Daniel’s yard.

The child was attracted by an intricate display of smiling ghosts, werewolves, vampires, and other traditional halloween characters. Additionally, scattered across the yard were containers already filled with candy, a full 10 days before Halloween.

When asked if he’ll be bringing his children to this house to trick or treat, Mostle answered,
“No chance.”

Daniel, a balding, 58-year-old man with a thin mustache and a habit of closely following the local, high school sports teams, explained the thought process behind his decorations.

“I didn’t want to make my decorations spooky,” he explained “The objective is to get kids into the house, not scare them away,” Daniel told reporters, before nervously adding “and by ‘into the house’ I mean on the porch — to give them candy. I just want to make kids happy and give them candy.” The man who’s been living alone for 35 years then laughed for 30 seconds and asked reporters to leave his house.

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