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Local Man Feeling “Serious Vibes” from Gym Membership Saleswoman

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(Photo by shuttrstock)

(Photo by shuttrstock)

Local man Thomas Loukas reported feeling “serious vibes” from Candace Sanders, the woman trying to sell him a gym membership at a Planet Fitness location in San Antonio, Texas.

Loukas—a 32-year-old, overweight, balding paralegal—initially had no intention of signing up for a membership, but was now considering it “if it helped seal the deal” with Sanders.

“Seriously, she’s laughing at all my jokes and smiling, I think I really got something here,” said Loukas of Ms. Sanders, a 21-year-old, former volleyball player who receives a $100 bonus for every new member she enrolls.

After Ms. Sanders squeezed Loukas’ bicep and said, “Are you sure you need to work out? You seem really strong to me” while giggling, the sad, lonely man agreed to a 2-year commitment on the spot.

At press time, Loukas was inquiring about Ms. Sander’s personal training availability while she was lying about having a completely full schedule.