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Local Man Horrified to Realize Dog is Literally His Best Friend

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(Photo by iStock / GlobalP / Helen_Field)

(Photo by iStock / GlobalP / Helen_Field)

Sitting in the waiting room of a local veterinarian’s office, area man Corey Cross came to the harrowing realization that his dog, Bark Ruffalo, was literally his best, and only, friend. Though the visit was a routine checkup, the hypothetical thought of his dog having some sort of serious health issue sent the single, technical writer into a panic attack and caused him to rethink his standoffish manner and general rudeness.

“Why did I roll my eyes at that girl at work who said she really likes The White Stripes?” Cross, who has spent his last four birthdays eating alone at the Chili’s near his home, was quoted as saying.

“She was just trying to be nice. So what if we don’t have the same taste in music? Maybe we could’ve made a connection,” added the 33 year old, before desperately asking reporters “I’m going to die alone, aren’t I?”

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