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Local School Teacher Just Proved America has an Issue with Women’s Bodies

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It goes without saying but our society is sexist. We have a problem with women’s bodies. Women live their whole lives, taught to be ashamed of themselves. Young girls must face strict dress codes and are subjected to the kinds of appearance based judgment that boys never have to face. We know all these things, and yet, it hurts every time we discover new evidence to support this fact. Recently, the Baltimore County Public School System proved, yet again, that our society has a problem with women’s bodies, after they fired kindergarten teacher Cristoph Hudson, for showing his students multiple videos of nude women, some engaging in perfectly natural, healthy sexual activity.

BCPSS Superintendent Frederick Locker has such a problem with women’s bodies he called the images Hudson shared “disturbing” and “indecent.” The misogyny apparently runs rampant in the entire community, as parents of students in the class seem to share the same sentiment. One mother told reporters Hudson was a “pervert” and claimed she was “happy no more damage could be done to my daughter.” Hey genius, did you ever think that maybe you’re damaging your daughter with your puritanical views on sex and the human body?

If this ugly ordeal has taught us anything, it’s that you cannot trust society—even so called places of education—to teach your children to have a healthy, feminist appreciation of women’s bodies. I am desperately afraid of my sons growing up to be one of the people that shames or objectifies women, so, from now on, I will only allow them to watch hardcore adult films. I suggest you do the same.

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