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According to Local Stand Up Comic’s Facebook Statuses, He Has Never Had a Bad Set

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Performing in a Chase Bank Cafeteria (Photo by TPillinger)

After a three minute performance in a seafood restaurant attached to a holiday inn express, local standup comic CJ Meyers posted a facebook status informing nearly 364 friends that he “totally crushed.”

Mr. Meyers, a 34 year old man with no meaningful social relationships, is currently in the midst of an incredible 30 show streak in which he has either “killed,” “slayed,” or “murderd [sic],” according to his own facebook posts.

At a recent open mic, Mr. Meyers could be overheard telling a woman at the bar, “I just go up there and drop truth bombs,” before getting on stage and telling a joke about Bill Clinton and Monica Lewinsky. The joke, like literally all of Mr. Meyer’s stand up, was poorly received.

Although he must know that he has no real talent or a chance at a career in the entertainment industry, Meyers was later found that evening at a Panera using the free wifi to tweet “rough crowd but still got ’em in the end.”